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Sawmill is the heart warming story of an adopted 3 year old girl from Stary Oskol, Russia, the special love she shared with her American grandfather and her inheritance of his farm at the age of 16.  Her 9 adopted sisters, her cousin Hankie, her sister Snoopy and her cousins Beth and Ling Lee and special friend Elena, their Sawmill Morgan Horses and how ten of them became known as "The Sawmill Girls".  Sawmill Publisher


"We're Farmimg Sawmill With Our Hands, Our Minds And Our Hearts"
"The Sawmill Girls"

"In The Beginning God Created The Heavens & Earth,
Then Sawmill Was Created So We Could Have Peace In Our Hearts"

"The Sawmill Kids"

"I've Rode A Mule Named Kickass While My Sawmill Kid Mum Plowed Him,
Then I Held Her Hand And Walked Barefoot In The Freshly Plowed Sawmill Farm Dirt"
"The Sawmill Babies"

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